Which One Do You Choose?

Multiple Platforms – A boon or a bane? I ask this because it is both. A boon because each platform can be leveraged to relay a different messages. A bane because then you have to be generating that much more content and that is not easy. I won’t pretend it is either. So, I would recommend that you start with one that is most relevant to your business goal & more importantly to your audience.

Image Credit: VectorStock

Being on multiple platforms is hard. As someone who has been in the marketing world for a decade now, I’ve worked online and offline. It is equally tough but there is a method to the madness. You have to understand the every social media platform is not the same. Like how every offline medium is not. The end result of delivering your message is though, so I can understand why, it can be confusing. Like radio is for voice based messaging content and T.V. is for visual based messaging content. Or one T.V. channel caters to one type of audience and the other has a different format so the same message won’t work everywhere. Let me break this down for you in the below chart.

Reach out to me for more specifics on this. Always here to fly you through anything you need.

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