Why Should You Be On Social Media?

The answer is obvious to this one, cause everyone is there. The reach is insane. You can sit in your living room and sell to someone across the world. I’ve done it, so I know its value. But, let me narrow this down a little for you and instead of telling you why, let me tell you some ways to be effective. I’ll take RugWeave for example – a business I co-own and handle the marketing for. We do not have too many followers at the moment but we are targeted and I say this with confidence because I’ve done $20,000 dollars worth business through the platform.

  1. Engage: The idea is to engage your audience. The engagement can be in terms of re-posting/commenting not so much on liking
  2. Regular Content: Giving them content regularly because that is how algorithms work on most of the platforms. The more you are on it, the better for you at least to begin with
  3. Platforms: Pick 1 platform first and master that (obviously the one most relevant to your business/service)
  4. Multiple Platforms: If you are on multiple platforms, understand the usage of each one and post content accordingly – I will talk more on this in my future posts

Most of my posts are geared to novices, who find social media daunting. We all go through the initial phase of challenges. Keep at it, you will be able to do it. I’m here, you can reach out and I can help you through it too.

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