Checklist for Social Media

A beginners guide. I’m taking you through this process, as I am executing it myself as well. This is what I am doing daily and a lot big brands and influencers do as well. There is always a method to the madness. Let me break it down for you.

  • Find a solution to an issue your audience is facing and talk to that in a way that is relevant to your brand/service in the tone (eg.: funny/Q&A/How to) of your brand voice
    • Also, stay up to date on the trends to be able to generate ad-hoc content, this helps fill the gap on what to post!? (I will specifically get into this in my next post)
  • Be selective about your visuals and videos. I am not saying don’t be instinctive but you could reserve that for your stories. I prefer videos/reels because they are going a long way right now in terms of engagement – even if you are creating videos with written content. Although, a human element is always more personal and engaging
  • Look up some competition through the hashtags that you use and start leaving comments that are positive and can draw attention to you
  • You have to be using the platforms as much as possible, so ensure you are posting stories as well – even if it is not native/self-created content. Ensure that your are re-sharing content that appeals to your audience
  • Keep finding new accounts to follow with the same audience, so you can stay as visible to them as possible

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