What To Post?

This is a legit struggle for the masses and content is king, so there is no way to avoid this. Let’s break it down broadly, so you can take some queue from this but also be mindful of the response/engagement from your audience and tailor it to that. It is a balancing act.

  1. Informational Content is top priority because people are curious. Be it information that they can learn from or about the product/service or the industry. They like to stay up to date. You can present the content differently – be it through how to’s/fun facts/tips using videos, visuals or blogs. Focus the information based on your audience. I will never stop stressing on the importance of funneling down who your audience is and then understanding what they want hear/see/share/talk about
  2. Peek into your day to day is content that brings your audiences closer to you by putting a face to the brand/service. It feels more personal. This is one of the biggest reasons why influencers/logos/brand ambassadors are a thing in marketing. Social media makes that personalization easy and cost effective
  3. Fun content is what it is, mix it up if you want with motivational or inspiring messages based on your brand voice. Most people want to see something that puts a smile on their face
  4. Industry related content is relevant because it is a way to keep your audience engaged and also shows you as aware & up to date. This helps establish a strong voice, don’t shy away from opinions here but be crafty about it
  5. Trending content is relevant because as a brand or service you don’t want to seem clueless & you want to be the first place your audience looks at to stay updated
  6. By Brand Focussed content I mean, reviews/social causes/products/services that you have to offer or even Sales/tie-ups that you have

We will get into presenting your content and specific content ideas in our next post.

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