Content Concepts.

In my last post, we discussed content mix and I mentioned that I would delve into some easy ideas to pick from and adapt.

DISCLAIMER: Before you pick your content concept make sure you do read the below.

  1. None of this advice or knowledge is absolute. If you follow a one size fits all idea without tailoring it to your brand, then your brand loses its unique identity and consumers won’t recognize it.
  2. Figure out what works for your audience. I’m a strong believer in customer centric strategy and so, I will constantly ask you to do research and think like your customer. Find out what they want to see, listen and talk about. Once, you have a good grip on that you can present the content in different ways.
  3. You want to focus on the right metrics like engagement, shareable, savable content, it is not about likes.
  4. Define your goal for the specific post before you actually decide what to put in it.
content ideas

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