A beginners guide to strategy.

Often, friends, family and clients approach me with the challenge of having set up their website, social media page, google analytics etc. (basically, what anyone who is starting a new business would do) but stagnate after a point. Being strategic is about creating a plan of action and then acting on that. Being tactical, is more about reacting and doing something without any one specific intent behind your action. I usually share the simple method of GAW, that I have explained below.


A good place to start the strategic process, is by defining a clear intent/goal behind a particular action. An example of this is figuring out or explaining why you want to be on social media. It can range from engagement to visibility but defining it helps in crafting content the right way. It is equally if not more important to understand who your audience is because this will tell you what they want/like to see/hear and where to reach them. The why is more about defining your organizational cause and will give you a solid story to tell your customer.

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