What to Sell?

Having recently joined the diamond club, as I just got married. I noticed the obsession over diamond engagement rings 💍 . My husband and I are both from very mixed religious and cultural backgrounds but neither of our various heritages require the giving of a diamond ring to show commitment. We still did it! 

It’s not that I am unaware of where the cultural notion of a diamond engagement ring stems from. It’s just that it obviously appeals to me and is very relevant to any business trying to market their product/service. 

De Beers tasked N.W. Ayer & Son with the goal of marketing their diamonds. N.W. Ayer & Son did a research and found that diamonds were already being sparingly used as a diamond ring across the country. They had to use the opportunity to spark a cultural phenomenon out of it. This phenomenon now has lasted generations and spread across the world.

Their communications focussed on selling an idea, through showcasing experiences amongst their target audience. The creatives paired diamonds with art, considered a luxury product to make the audience feel that diamonds are luxurious like art. So, they would be more desirable. PR campaigns were run right across campuses talking to young people, there were movie placements, and tie-ups with movie starts/politicians. Needless to say the campaign was successful.

The notion that it is important to sell the emotion/idea through telling a story is one of the best strategies out there. Today, a lot of diamond retailers are riding off this wave that De Beers created.





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