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The Block.

It is hard to pen down things or roll with it when you are stuck in a rut because of many many reasons. My block this past month has been COVID, first in the family and now me. It’s been tough and we’ve been riding the wave and on many levels are lucky and grateful.Continue reading “The Block.”

What to Sell?

Having recently joined the diamond club, as I just got married. I noticed the obsession over diamond engagement rings 💍 . My husband and I are both from very mixed religious and cultural backgrounds but neither of our various heritages require the giving of a diamond ring to show commitment. We still did it!  It’sContinue reading “What to Sell?”

Content Concepts.

In my last post, we discussed content mix and I mentioned that I would delve into some easy ideas to pick from and adapt. DISCLAIMER: Before you pick your content concept make sure you do read the below. None of this advice or knowledge is absolute. If you follow a one size fits all ideaContinue reading “Content Concepts.”

What To Post?

This is a legit struggle for the masses and content is king, so there is no way to avoid this. Let’s break it down broadly, so you can take some queue from this but also be mindful of the response/engagement from your audience and tailor it to that. It is a balancing act. Informational ContentContinue reading “What To Post?”

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