Versatility, Adaptability, Agility.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. It is such an integral part of our coping mechanism as human beings. Imagine if we were incapable of adapting to life post-covid? Exactly! So, why am I writing about this, you wonder. What does our coping mechanism have to do with running a business or marketing.Continue reading “Versatility, Adaptability, Agility.”

A beginners guide to strategy.

Often, friends, family and clients approach me with the challenge of having set up their website, social media page, google analytics etc. (basically, what anyone who is starting a new business would do) but stagnate after a point. Being strategic is about creating a plan of action and then acting on that. Being tactical, isContinue reading “A beginners guide to strategy.”

Leveraging Trends – Your Way

I find it intriguing how trends snowball and go viral. Many times, we have seen so many random videos and wondered – How? But that is not the point here, as someone who is running a business, it is not our business to question How? but Why? Why does this trend resonate with the audience?Continue reading “Leveraging Trends – Your Way”